I keep hearing window companies talk about argon gas.  What is it and why should I consider it for my new windows?

That’s a great question! Argon gas is an inert, dense gas that is often inserted in the space between the panes of glass to increase the energy efficiency of a window.  A double-paned window with only air between the panes is more efficient than a single paned window. However, a double-paned window with argon gas between the panes boosts the energy efficiency of the window and generally helps it meet strict Energy Star efficiency standards. You can think of argon gas between your window panes as functioning much like the insulation between your walls and floors.  The insulation helps to keep your home more efficient and comfortable throughout the year.

Most window companies only offer argon gas as an option, but at Window Depot, we take it a step further by offering an even better window insulating option – krypton gas.  Like argon gas, krypton gas is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic. However, it is denser than argon and therefore more efficient. Think of the energy efficiency power of krypton gas like it is argon gas on steroids.

Window Depot is proud to offer krypton gas as standard with our Signature Series Gold and Platinum triple pane windows because of its optimal insulation property.  In fact, our triple pane windows have earned the highest Energy Star designation available – ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, which recognizes the most efficient and innovative products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR program.  Adding a third pane of glass along with krypton gas can significantly improve the efficiency of your windows and save you money on your monthly utility costs. PLUS, triple pane windows are known to reduce both outside noise and condensation.

It’s normal to have questions about any home improvement project. Window Depot is here to help. Before you invest your hard-earned money in upgrades such as argon or krypton gas-filled windows, schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted, local experts. You will be able to compare samples from several manufacturers with options and pricing that’s right for you. We understand that this process can feel intimidating and that’s why we will be by your side to help you every step of the way!