We want to make improvements to our home and are wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade and install new windows?

Great question and you’re not alone. Most homeowners have similar questions and want to make sure they’re making the right investment.

Older windows can let in so much more than light. The older the window is the draftier it can get. During a cold winter, like we just had, cold air can pour into your home letting the warmth out which can drastically increase your heating bills. Sometimes, it can feel as if your heater never turns off! Then, during our hot and humid RVA summers, the exact opposite happens. Your AC will run continuously while the cool air escapes out of your home. Replacing your windows is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency, comfort, beauty, and value of your home. Most of our customers see a decrease in their utility bills and feel more comfortable inside whether it’s 19 degrees outside or 90! They also notice that they don’t hear as many outside noises, especially those living in busy, high traffic areas. As a bonus, according to the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com), homeowners in the Northern Colorado area recouped an average of 62% of their replacement window investment through the increased value of their home.

Of course, it’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting any home improvement project and Window Depot of Fredericksville is here to help. We’re not your typical window replacement company. We pride ourselves on giving honest advice with no pressure. We work with 5 different window manufacturers so we can recommend the best options to match your needs, whether it’s double or triple pane, basic or premium vinyl, and even high-end composite or real wood windows.

If you have more questions, you can always schedule a free educational consultation with one of our professionals. We understand that this process can feel intimidating, but we will be by your side to guide you every step of the way!